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August 7, 2015

Take advantage of GO Mammoth's travel opportunities.

A Foreigner’s Perspective on European Travel

In our incredibly large small world, traveling is one of the best things you can do for 
yourself. You’ll meet new people, see places your wildest dreams couldn’t even imagine, 
interact with locals whose culture and language differ from your own, and learn a whole 
lot more about yourself and the world we live in than you would spending another 
weekend at home.  

To bring a little personal background into my opinion on travel in Europe, to start with, 
I’m an American. Insert all your American stereotypes here [          ] (but not really 
because stereotypes aren’t iron clad). As an American, I am incredibly jealous of your 
European-ness for many reasons, one of which is your vicinity to everything European 
and all the different countries, languages, and cultures that it embodies. While the United 
States is a large and diverse country, it comes nowhere close to the amount of history, 
culture, and diversity you find in Europe. Nor is it as affordable to travel short or long 
distances like it is in Europe. If I want to take an hour-long flight over to the next state at 
home, I could spend a couple hundred dollars, whereas flights from London to many 
major European cities can be found for less than £100 return! It’s incredible. You’ve got 
affordable airlines that make travel affordable for anyone. 

With all the resources available to you in Europe, why not take advantage of them? Get 
out of the country and gain some perspective – and have fun! GO Mammoth has already 
established itself as a successful sports, fitness, and events company that specializes in 
group activities for young professional Brits, and now it’s expanding its services to 
provide group travel opportunities that go beyond the usual sight seeing tours. What GO 
Mammoth offers are hosted getaways that give you a chance to be bold and have some 
unique adventures that fit your budget!

I get that work, friends, and whatever obligations you may have can make your schedule 
seem too overwhelming to leave and travel, but those obligations will still be there next 
week, so why not get away from them (far away) for a week or even just a weekend and 
collect some new experiences. You can even bring your friends along with you because 
GO Mammoth is all about enhancing friendships, both old and new. So take advantage of 
your enviable European-ness and explore this great continent!

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