What You Need To Know Ahead Of Your First Game

July 25, 2016

So you’ve signed up to play netball in a Go Mammoth league (welcome to the club!), but what happens next?

So you’ve signed up to play netball in a Go Mammoth netball league (welcome to the club!), but what happens next? Well in anticipation from your first game, here’s a little list of what you need to know:

Which team am I on?

If you’ve signed up as an individual, one week before your first match our netball team will email you your fixture list. Use your new Go Mammoth site login to check your fixture list, latest league tables and more.

Go Mammoth Netball

I’ve signed up as an individual – when do I meet my team members?

When we send you your fixture list a week or so before your first game, we’ll also send you the contact details of your fellow team members. We advise our members to arrive to their first game a little early to say hello and introduce yourself. Yep, we know, it sounds a little daunting, but remember that everyone is in the same boat as you. You won’t believe how quickly players bond as a team and stay together for future seasons.

My knowledge of netball rules is a little rusty!

Don’t worry, it’s tricky to keep up with the latest rules at the best of times, as they are tweaked and refined every year. Check out our handy up-to-date rules guide for the latest rules. Our awesome team of friendly, professional umpires are also on hand before and after each game to offer advice and assistance on the rules throughout the season.

How do the leagues work?

You’ll play every match at the venue,on the day and between the times you selected on during your registration. Each match lasts 40 minutes but your game times will differ each week. For example, if you know you venue matches take place, between 7-9pm, your matches could be at 7pm, 7:40pm or 8:20pm. We’ll send you ALL of the match times a week before your first fixture to ensure you can plan your season into your calendar.

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