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January 24, 2014

NBA mid-season basketball report - by Bobby Nigg (GO Mammoth player, enthusiast)


NBA Mid-Season Update

By Bobby Nigg (Basketball Enthusiast, GO Mammoth Intern)

The NBA season has now reached its halfway point and the All-Star game is around the corner.  Sadly, my childhood stars of the 90s are slowly becoming extinct or are injured. Even though most of the famous ones will still be inducted into the All Star game like Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki; they are nowhere near being in the hunt for MVP.  Fortunately, there are many proven players and also some new faces that are keeping the game of basketball london an exhilarating sport to watch.

The Top Dogs

One obvious choice for the MVB (Most Valuable Beast) is the two time returning champion LeBron James. He is boasting his usual dominant stats and leading the Heat to the 2nd best record in the East. However, I believe it’s the time when a new player will take the belt. The Thunder’s Kevin Durant has taken the league by ‘storm’ and is posting up career numbers in every category. He is tallying 31 points per game and is collecting 7.7 rebounds. “Durantula” has also improved his passing game with the absence of Westbrook by dishing out over 5 assists per game.  He has been proven himself to be Zeus-like in his ability to “make it rain ” behind the arc.  At this point in the season he is no doubt my MVP! Other honorable mentions are Kevin Love, Paul George, James Harden and Stephen Curry.

Bobby’s player to watch: Paul George proved himself last year as a top player in the league. This season he has led his team the best record in basketball so far and he is always pushing them to the next level. His game is on the rise and his well-rounded and athletic skill can electrify the crowd.


Young Guns to Watch

It is a new era with new names emerging. The sophomores have been quite impressive this year with many players showcasing their path to stardom. Among the top names are Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis. Both are already quite popular but have improved their game so much that even LeBron is feeling the ‘heat.’

Bobby’s player to watch: Andre Drummond is a big man with some incredible talent. Even though his scoring is ordinary at 12 ppg, he is a monster on the boards posting 12 rebounds per contest. He is also swat machine on defense and is consistently a high-light reel with his mammoth dunks.


The rookies have been quite impressive as well. Michael Carter-Williams has been the easily the most recognizable rookie so far this season posting a rookie high of 17.5 ppg. What’s almost more impressive is that he is averaging 6 rebounds and dishing out near 7 assists a game. Now that is portraying some ‘brotherly love’ in Philadelphia. The next two closest would be Trey Burk of the Utah Jazz and Victor Olapido of the Orlando Magic.  I always enjoy the rookies because they can climb the ladder of NBA success very quickly if they hit their stride.

Bobby’s player to watch: Giannis Antetokounmp, dubbed the “Greek Freak” is a freakishly talented international player with unbelievable athletic ability. He isn’t quite a star yet but at 19 he has much time to improve his game to reach his full potential. I like his game because he uses his length and athletic skill to run the floor.



There are some players that are stinking up the court whether they are playing or even sitting pointlessly on the pine.  Firstly, Steve Nash has been nonexistent this year for his team. Of course he is old and injuries are bound to happen but even if he plays he has been downright despicable averaging 6.7 ppg and not even 6 assists per contest.  He has been the main reason that the Lakers have drowned this season.  Also Josh Smith, who used to be one of my favorites, has dropped his game this year.  Even though his stats are still decent, there is no flow with his new team. I think he has jammed the ‘gears’ of the Pistons’ offense. My decision for biggest bust of the year is Tyreke Evans. His new 4 year $44 million contract has been disappointedly complemented by a mere 12.8 ppg. Even though he is still a solid player, his potential was sky high for the Pelicans but he is now currently playing at ‘sea level.’

As the 2nd half of the season is on its way, it will be interesting to see which players either decline or keep their game up.  Watching highlights and analyzing the stats is a good way of keeping up with the phenomenal players as the NBA season progresses. But why not creates some highlights of your own? How about you come out and prove your own skills by heading to the court to play some basketball with Go Mammoth!

Who do you think deserves some shout-outs – pse post your comments/thoughts below! 

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