Guest Blog: Mix It Up | London | GO Mammoth Mixed Dance Classes

July 30, 2014

GO Mammoth mixed dance classes get the thumbs up from overseas!

Ladies, do you want to shed some serious pounds?

Take GO Mammoth’s mixed dance fitness class every Wednesday night in Kings Cross. An hour of fun, upbeat choreography had this traveller sweating like a commuter in rush hour. Getting personal step by step…with help to body roll like Beyonce and make sure my hips don’t lie like Shakira, had this curvy lady feeling like a new woman.

“Strictly Come Dancing” watch out, I might be able to teach a celeb what’s up after a few more sessions of this top notch class.


For an out of towner, the back and forth banter in between songs and encouraging help was warmly welcomed by myself and my just as uncoordinated best friend. Being new to the city and the country in general, this All-American girl was in dire need of some direction and these delightful dancers were more than happy to let me know where to go.

After two weeks in this great nation I have not had such a fun social experience than shaking my chest with my new British mates to a Rita Ora song.  

I will definitely be back next week and I hope to see you there getting down with the rest of us.

Sammi Hutchison (American traveller)


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