Londons New Beach

May 30, 2012

From the city to the beach, London now has it all.


NewBeachPicturecopy.jpg Have you ever lay down in the sun in London, feeling the rays on your face, dreaming of being on a beach? I am from the South Coast so it happens a lot, especially over the last week or so.

Since I have moved to London, it has been the one thing I have felt slightly lost without, and that unfortunately London seemed to be missing. Imagine my happiness when I heard there was brand new “London Urban Beach” being built in Greenwich. I then saw an artist impression of it and got even more excited.

London’s new urban beach will be right next to the O2 Arena, on the Greenwich Peninsula, a stone’s throw away from North Greenwich and Canary Wharf tube stations. The beach will have a 5,000 people capacity, but there will also be a dome with a fully licensed bar until 1am with an extra 950 people capacity. The Beach will host a full calendar of music events, club nights, beach volleyball leagues, cultural happenings and concerts. It will also be available for private hire, photoshoots, weddings and corporate events, as well as being open for public use to just lounge in the sun, with some fantastic views of the City and Canary Wharf. This will be the Summer buzz of London during the day and at night, and I personally can’t wait to get involved.

Oh…also, nearly forgot to mention – ALL Beach Volleyball Leagues run on London’s new urban beach will be organised by GO Mammoth, check out these leagues here. Don’t miss out on all the sandy fun! 🙂


With all that London offers as well as the Queen’s Jubilee, the London 2012 Olympics and a BRAND NEW beach, if the weather stays like this…London is definitely going to be the place to be this Summer.


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