London Netball: Skechers tone up | GO Mammoth

July 23, 2012

A look into Skechers tone ups.

You may well be toning your bum by playing Netball in your Zaggora leggings, but it’s now time to grab yourself a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups to get those upper and lower legs into shape.  This shoe has been endorsed by many celebrities, one being Kim Kardashian who has indeed raved about them.



The shoes look like normal trainers but with a slightly bulkier sole (which won’t bother the majority of you as this is where the ‘magic lies’). This design of the trainer allows the butt and leg muscles to work in new ways. It exercises your legs through a different walking motion, and also uses new muscles (that walking in standard shoes would not focus on),  helping your legs and bum become firm and toned. Many users are surprised at how comfortable these shoes actually are while playing Netball. However, although these shoes are comfortable, they are fairly heavy. With every step you take, you can feel your quads working overtime to pick your feet up, but this does lead to further conditioning of your quads.

I love them because I struggle hard enough to find comfortable trainers, let alone ones that also focus on keeping me in shape without having to do any extra work. They are slightly more expensive than the average trainer varying between £50-£90 depending on the style.

For the hot humid days when you are not playing Netball or exercising, you might not fancy a sweaty enclosed shoe so a pair of flip flops might be the way to go. Flip flops are once again another must for active women looking to tone up and shed a few pounds. These short Tone Up Flip Flops are a cooler alternative to Tone Ups and are perfect in the summer months when a nice stroll in Hyde Park can give your legs an extra workout. Once again depending on what style/model you want, prices range from £30-£50.


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