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July 17, 2012

Some great ways to stay slightly active Monday to Friday, 9-5!!



When stuck at your desk at work in London for long periods of time, even something as small as squeezing a stress ball for a minute or so can get the blood flowing and exercise your forearms. By using your hand muscles you even can help to prevent the onset of arthritis in the future and hey, when your reading emails all day squeezing a ball seems that extra bit more fun. Keeping your hands, and fingers nimble, while building and toning your lower arm muscles will help dramatically with grip while playing Netball.

Treadmill Desk


For those of you who are serious about Netball and are looking into getting fit at work, AND want the coolest desk in your office, then a treadmill desk will definitely satisfy your needs. It has a work station complete with a computer screen, keyboard and treadmill underneath. You can then walk as you work. Your mind will be so distracted by what you are doing that you will forget you are even exercising. Just make sure you’re not running at full speed and making too much noise that no one in your office can concentrate, ha. I even read a story about a lady who burnt 2400 calories a day at work, I swear that can’t be healthy?

Balance Discs


Balance discs, often referred to as air pillows, are circular shaped and filled with air. These are used to improve balance and they are small enough to slide under your desk. Whenever you use the phone, you can stand on the discs for the whole duration of the call. Once you get good enough, you can challenge yourself and try to stand on one foot. You might want to bring a pair of trainers, or just slip off your heels otherwise I feel it may be slightly more of a challenge.

Resistance Bands


Resistance bands are made out of durable rubber and they come with hard plastic handles. They can easily be rolled up and placed into a desk drawer. You can do exercises such as shoulder presses, back rows, lateral raises, triceps extensions, biceps curls and lunges throughout the course of the day. It’s a great way of stretching out your muscles and keeping them active for your evening’s exercise/netball match.

Thigh Toner


Using a chair, sit with your back straight and feet flat on floor, about shoulder-width apart. Place the thigh toner against your thighs just above the knees, holding the “S” curved ends in your hands and the hinge facing the floor. A variation of this exercise is to place the toner against your calves, just below your knees.

I’m looking to get some for while I’m working…does anyone have anything different that they know from personal experience works well?


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