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June 22, 2012

Try these dodgeball tactics in some of GO Mammoth's dodgeball leagues.


Dodgeball in my opinion is one of the most enjoyable team sports, anyone can play in London Dodgeball Leagues, and have fun. However, the more competitive you get, you start to realise it can infact be incredibly tactical.

One of the most common strategies used, that I have seen is the “lob and beam”.

It requires 2 players on the same team and 1 unsuspecting victim on the other team. Firstly, you must agree with your teammate when to perform this, as the two of you must get the timing down for it to be successful. Firsty, player one must throw the ball at the opposing team in a way that looks as if it will be easy to catch or dodge towards one side. Warning, you take the risk of actually making the catch an easy one so be careful. As the opponent gets ready to catch your ball, or take a predictable dodge, have your teammate beam the ball at the player. Their focus will be on the first ball that comes their way so therefore they will not see the second ball headed your way.

Pros and Cons of the Dodgeball tactic


This is generally the easiest way to get a guaranteed out. It works extremely well against opponents that are up against one of the side lines. It also works well against those that do not see it coming.


With any Dodgeball strategy that requires two people to complete, there are risks. Firstly this tactic leaves the first thrower susceptible to elimination, especially if the second person does not follow through. Secondly this tactic can leave both players open if not completed quickly enough, and they are caught by the opposing team. To combat this, have a third team member with a ball ready when you call the play. They must protect you both by deflecting any incoming attacks with a ball. Once you throw, quickly get ready to dodge again, and get another ball.

To use this move in the most efficient way, have your weakest thrower lob the ball (this person should also have good reaction time and dodging abilities), your strongest and most accurate thrower beam the ball, and someone with really good hand-eye-coordination protect the two of them. It is suggested to have the protector stand in front of the “beamer” so that it is harder to see the ball being thrown at the opponent. It is similar to playing chess when you kingside castle and use the rook to protect your king, and use the bishop to draw out the queen.


This may sound extremely simple, but how many of you have actually thought about strategies within your London Dodgeball game? It is also highly successful, and if done properly can change your game.

It will be great to hear of any other Dodgeball tactics that yourself and your team mates may use…..


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