Training Video: Netball Shooting Technique

August 26, 2016

Haven't played netball for a while and looking to get back into the sport? Check out our three step basic shot technique video.

If you’re looking to get back into the sport or are looking to play the game for the first time, check out our guide to basic netball shooting technique:

Basic shot technique:

Step 1 – Footwork & Hand Position On The Ball

Get your goalpost in your line of sight. and ensure your body is balanced before you shoot – ensure your feet are roughly shoulder length apart and pare pointing toward the post.

Your dominant hand will be doing the shooting and your other one will be balancing the ball. Steady the ball with your weaker hand and place the dominant one slightly underneath with fingertips under the ball.

The holding of the ball is important. Balancing it on the fingertips of your dominant hand and steadying it with your other is the way to begin. The spring of the fingertips give the control of the ball’s spin, while the steadying hand is your main aiming tool: make sure it’s pointing the ball into the net!

Step 2 – Bend Your Knees

The power from your shot will come from the spring of your body as it elevates upwards from a slightly crouched position. With your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees and point the ball toward the net, while keeping your head up and your eyes at the goal net.

Step 3 – Shoot

Keeping your eyes toward the goal net, Bring your hands alongside your head, then, before simultaneously springing your knees upward while moving your hands forward and up toward the net. Using your wrists, ensure the ball is flicked from your hand, at the point when your legs are straightened – this will give the ball a bit of backspin, which may work in your favour if the ball bounces on the edge of the goal ring.

Hopefully, with practice, the majority of the shots will go straight in! But always be alert for a rebound, as you may find yourself with a second chance at scoring.

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