QUIZ: Netball vs Dodgeball team names

August 22, 2016

Do "Girls With Balls" play netball or dodgeball with Go Mammoth?

The six teams below either play netball or dodgeball with Go Mammoth, but can you guess which sport they play? Take our quiz below:


Check the best ten Go Mammoth dodgeball team names of all time

Play netball with Go Mammoth

North EastPlay Netball In Leeds | Play Netball In Sheffield
North WestNetball In Liverpool | Netball In Manchester
ScotlandNetball In Edinburgh | Netball In Glasgow
SouthPlay Netball In Oxford | Play Netball In Portsmouth | Play Netball In Reading | Play Netball In Southampton
South EastPlay Netball In Brighton
South WestPlay Netball In Bath | Play Netball In Bristol
WalesPlay Netball In Cardiff




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