This netball player inspired us!

January 13, 2017

If you haven't played since school or if you stopped playing for whatever reason, but want to get back into it, don't let anything stop you. Here's why...

Every day at GO Mammoth, we speak to people who absolutely love netball, but haven’t played for ages. They’re worried about things like fitness, ability level and whether they’re too old to get back into it.

We had a conversation with one netball lover on our LiveChat tool, which goes to prove you should never let age stop you from having fun and getting back into the sport.


Chatting with this lady reaffirmed our love for netball and just goes to show, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from giving something you like another go.

So did she this lady sign up to play? Well we’re still working away on trying to find a netball league that’s right for her. If you’re not playing netball but want to give the sport another go, we’d also love to help you find a league that’s right for you.

If you’re worried about your fitness or your ability level and want to play in a more casual environment, why not check out our new beginners leagues in London:

Our Beginner league will:

  • Introduce or re-introduce you to the rules of the game
  • Help you develop your netball skills
  • Improve your general fitness making you more match-ready 
  • Increase your tactical awareness
  • Develop awareness, positioning and co-operation within your team

What to expect each week:

  • You’ll spend 20 minutes learning various netball drills, improving your all-round ability in the sport
  • You’ll spend 20 minutes putting your newly learnt skills to the test in a casual, friendly match

Find a beginners league near you

Ready to get back to playing netball. Check out our leagues across the UK

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