3 reasons why playing dodgeball is the best way to meet new people!

1) Dodgeball is the ultimate icebreaker – say goodbye to those awkward silences!

Okay so there are now plenty of social apps out there designed to help people make new friends, but one thing they can’t help you with is breaking the ice when you’re meeting people for the first time.

The first time you step into one of our dodgeball venues, you’ll immediately be greeted and welcomed by one of our friendly dodgeball league reps, before stepping out onto the court with your new team mates for several sets of a fun social sport!

Diving GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

Simply put, your first GO Mammoth dodgeball game will minimise the awkward silences of meeting people for the first time and maximise your fun!

2) When you hit our partner bar for the first time after you’ll all have a shared experience to talk about!

We’ve all been there – when speaking to new people for the first time, you immediately try to find your common interests, which can mean that initial conversations can become  stilted, awkward and slightly stressful!

This doesn’t happen at GO Mammoth dodgeball, because after each game, the majority of our members head to our league’s partner bar (where you you’ll get a great discounts on drinks) and you’ll immediately have something in common to talk about – your first dodgeball game!

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Your team will be sharing stories of their awesome throws, catches, and of course, dodges, before the conversation moves onto tactics for next week’s game. Ice…broken!

3) You’re new friend network will extend beyond just your team!

Ever noticed that one of the weird quirks of Facebook is sometimes (if you haven’t messed around with your settings) you’ll spot posts from the friends of your friends (aka people you don’t know!) pop up in your news feed.

But when playing dodgeball with GO Mammoth, the people you don’t know from week 1 (ie. players from other teams) you will know by the end of your season! When our dodgeball players hit our partner bars, their opponents on the dodgeball court soon become their friends in the bar!

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Simply put…forget using apps to meet people. Playing dodgeball will give you a great new social network.

Why not give it a go?

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Volleyball Inspiration: Best Spikes From Earvin N’Gapeth

Looking to improve your attacking game? This video from Epic Volleyball – which has been viewed almost 1m times – features the top 20 spikes from one of the biggest and best volleyball players in the world, Earvin N’Gapeth.

Top 20 best volleyball spikes – Earvin N’Gapeth (Rap N’Gapeth)


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Watch Twitter vs Google in a GO Mammoth dodgeball game!

Find out what went down when Twitter’s T-Birds took on Google’s Dodgy Nads in a GO Mammoth dodgeball league game in Kings Cross and discover why both teams love playing this sport!

GO Mammoth Dodgeball – Twitter vs Google

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5 Reasons Why Playing Netball Will Improve Your Working Week

We asked our GO Mammoth netball team why playing netball improves their day to day life at work. So if you’re thinking about playing netball for the first time or getting back into it, take a little look at this:

1) Playing netball regularly will improve your concentration and focus in the office

“I hate the first couple of weeks back in the office after Christmas, as I struggle to keep focus on my day-to-day tasks; this is a big problem for my role as I have to book the umpires for all of our leagues. Getting back out on the netball court after Christmas not only gets my fitness levels back toward they want to be and undoubtedly improves my ability to concentrate on hitting my targets at work .” Bridget Dowling – Reps Manager

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2) Playing netball regularly will allow to catch more zzzzzzzzzzzz

“Struggle with sleeping? Play netball. It’s a game that tires your brain as well as your body. I play netball three times a week and as soon as my head hits my pillow, it’s always light out.” Josie Knight – Member Services Manager

Baby GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

3) Playing netball regularly will lift your mood at work

“Let’s be honest for a moment. The workplace will always be a stressful environment. But I definitely feel that since playing netball once a week, I generally have a more positive outlook during my 9-5. When I play netball on a Wednesday night, Thursdays are always a good day for me.” Kitty Ayling – Operations Manager

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4) Playing netball with your colleagues will foster a better working relationship

“Our GO Mammoth team play netball every Wednesday night. Apart from being a lot of fun, it gives each of us the opportunity to socialise with colleagues that we don’t often work with closely on a daily basis. I definitely feel playing netball helps me work more effectively with my colleagues in the office. ”  Hannah Lambert – Operations

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5) Playing netball regularly will give you an excuse to get out of work on time!

“Okay okay so we work at GO Mammoth, so if we didn’t leave work to arrive for our netball games on time, it would look pretty bad on us! But I believe it’s important to maintain a good work/life balance – having a regular activity in your weekly schedule such as netball will help give you the impetus to get out of work on time.” Sam Stevenson – Member Services
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Is this the most embarrassing goalkeeper red card ever?

Whenever a keeper strays outside his box, you can’t help but feel he’ll live to regret it.

Lukas Hradecky would have had a long time in his changing room to regret his, because after just two minutes, the Frankfurt keeper was sent off for this egregious blunder against high-flying side RB Leipzig:

BT Sport Football on Twitter

Sheesh…You’ll be unsurprised to learn that RB Leipzig went on to defeat the 10 men of Eintracht Frankfurt 3-0.

Is Westbrook’s traveling violation the most bizarre ever?

Oklahoma were playing at Golden State earlier this month; a great match-up which saw the Warriors defeat Thunder by 121-100. It was also a match made notable for Oklahoma’s Point Guard Russell Westbrook’s leisurely stroll across the court in the third quarter.

Westbrook got called up by the ref for a traveling violation, a pretty obvious one at that – he took 5 steps before starting to dribble the ball!

Watch what went down below:

Nick ??? on Twitter

Westbrook traveling is one of the funniest things I have seen in awhile https://t.co/tHLqfWVYtB

Here’s Westbrook’s violation from another angle:

Nick ??? on Twitter

What did his opponent Steph Curry make of it all?

LetsGoWarriors on Twitter

Best tackle of the 2016-17 Premier League season so far?

This is the tackle that has arguably cemented Tottenham and England’s Danny Rose’s status as one of the best left-backs in the world. It took place during Tottenham’s 2-2 draw with Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.

Watch below as Rose somehow contorts his body to take the ball from Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling in Spurs’ penalty box:

Spurs Nostalgia on Twitter

Here were a couple of social media’s best reactions to Rose’s stunning challenge:

Danny The Soldier on Twitter

Football Daily on Twitter

A Danny Rose supermarket-themed gag was also doing the rounds on Twitter over the weekend:

Footy365 on Twitter

When Danny Rose makes the overlap too early.

However the less said about Rose’s fellow full-back Kyle Walker’s challenge against Raheem Sterling during the same match, the better. Social media wasn’t as kind to Walker:

⚽442oons⚽ on Twitter

NBA plays of the week

3 Plays of the Week Jan 18-Jan 124 2017

1) Spurs at Cavaliers – LeBron James 

LeBron James hits a long 3 pointer in the 4th quarter to tie the score and send this tense game into Overtime.

BANGGGGG…. and we’re headed to OT! #NBAonABC #ThisIsWhyWePlay

2) Oklahoma City at Golden State – Klay Thompson 

Fantastic play by Steph Curry weaving his body and the ball between two men before feeding a pass to Klay Thompson who laser guides his shot through the net for 3 points.

@stephencurry30, in the open court, feeds @klaythompson for the triple!

3) Marquese Quese – Phoenix at Toronto 

Great vision by TJ Warren to pick out Marquese Quest for the alley-oop, but props to Quese for the incredible skill converting the two points while jumping backwards away from the net. Incredible reflexes.

“Throw it up, BANG!” @quese_22

3 Plays of the Week Jan 11-Jan 17 2017

1) Wesley Matthews – Mavericks at Bulls 

Great play from Matthews leading to huge clutch win for the Mavs at Chicago.

NBA on Twitter

2) Hawks at Knicks – Mindaugas Kuzminskas 

Fantastic shake and FAKE from New York’s Small Forward against Atlanta

NBA on Twitter

3) LeBron assist- Cavaliers at Kings 

This touch! LeBron just makes it look easy.

A subtle little touch for two!

Five Football Funnys

17/01/17- Reactions to Pogba’s performance against Liverpool and new hashtag

Football fans on social media had plenty to say about Pogba’s new emoji, released in conjunction with Twitter over the weekend. Unfortunately the emoji’s release also coincided with his abject performance for his club Manchester United against rivals Liverpool. The Internet’s reaction was swift and merciless.

Here are our top 5 social media reactions to the news:

1) Does Pogba’s emoji need a creative edit after the Liverpool game?

SoccerSatireday on Twitter

Pogba Apparently Paul Pogba is the first footballer to get his own emoji on Twitter?? I don’t think so, Wilshere has had one for ages!

2) Was Pogba really the first pro player to get his own emoji?

SoccerSatireday on Twitter

Pogba Apparently Paul Pogba is the first footballer to get his own emoji on Twitter?? I don’t think so, Wilshere has had one for ages!

3) Was Pogba dabbing when he conceded the penalty against Liverpool?

Bleacher Report UK on Twitter

4) Abgop Luap

Football Funnys on Twitter

5) Amusing Typo ✅

Football Tweets on Twitter


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